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      1. Extruder screw barrel

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        Extruder screw barrel

        Screw for blowing film extruder

        Used for blowing low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic film, widely used in fruit, food, clothing, textiles and other products packaging.

        Screw for mixer exhaust extruder

        It is generally suitable for plastic with strong moisture absorption, which can be directly discharged in the case of materials without drying. The mixing section makes the melt body more uniform, and it is widely used for granulation: PE, PA, PC, PMMA, ABS and other good effects.

        Screw for high speed double mixing extruder

        In general models, screw diameter is small, high yield, good plasticizing, in the same equipment can improve 5-6 times the output, widely used in PE, PC, ABS and so on.

        Screw of BM mixing extruder

        The mixing section makes the melt more uniform, the BM section enables the melt material to be separated into the liquid phase spiral groove more quickly, and the remaining solid phase material can better contact with the heat cylinder and melt, thus increasing the speed to improve the output, widely used in PR, PE, PC pipes and so on.

        Secondary plasticizing extruder screw

        According to the current market demand, PVC threading pipe with about 50% calcium powder, the best effect, with good plasticization, high yield characteristics.

        Flow film extruder screw

        Casting film has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, good transparency, good heat and cold resistance, suitable for a variety of raw materials, polyolefin, PA, EVOH, EAA., PC, binder, etc.

        Screw for mixing extruder

        Make the melt more uniform, plasticizing better. It is often used for extruding the secondary material and filling material. Such as PE+CaC03 cotton stick.

        Rubber extruder screw

        Using two or three - head thread feeding section, more conducive to the feeding of rubber powder, using thread grooves to promote the homogenization of materials. Such as butyl rubber, natural rubber, nitrile rubber, butadiene rubber.